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Welcome to Mr Outsource University!

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your decision in taking your career to the next level. We would like to express our utmost respect for your commitment to have full control over your career and earnings.

Here at Mr Outsource University, we provide an in depth quality learning environment for people like you who want to experience Virtual Assistant training and performance mastery at its best. We share with you only the top resources utilized by successful virtual assistants all across the globe. Mr Outsource University provides the most current and insistent skills trainings and materials to help you become an outstanding virtual assistant in a short period of time.

Why Become a Virtual Assistant?

“Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a virtual assistant.”

For years now, successful entrepreneurs built their careers and companies with the help of a fantastic administrative and support staffs. From organizing meetings to follow up reminders, these group of people has helped provide convenience, order and time to busy established entrepreneurs. A virtual assistant however is a different breed of secretaries/assistants. A VA is more experienced, more profound and more of value. This is why the need for, and convenience of VAs is growing rapidly, with small and medium sized businesses looking to outsource more and more of their tasks, for various reasons.

Flexibility & Freedom

One of the advantages of becoming a virtual assistant is the freedom to work from home or another place of your choice and enjoy the flexibility to manage your own schedule, freeing yourself from office hours.


Gone are the days where secretarial/administrative jobs get little financial rewards or appreciation. Gone are the days when you are never fairly recognized for your contributions at work.

Becoming a VA lets you work with your people one on one. You are building a relationship that will build you career higher and bring more value to yourself. With that being said, you make yourself indispensable and always open to great opportunities.

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Higher Pay

Virtual Assistants is a rewarding and high-paying career. Enjoying great financial rewards is just a tip of the iceberg. Entrepreneurs highly appreciate a job well done so expect freebies, bonuses, and incentives along the way.

Career Growth

Becoming a VA, you have more freedom to do different works day after day. The most rewarding is being able to constantly learn and apply new technical and creative skills.


Getting started

1. Part One

What Is a VA?

Everyone starts somewhere. With Mr Outsource University, we will start with the basic. An introductory video on becoming the best virtual assistant. You will learn the definition, role, qualifications, significance, and more.

2. Part Two

Clarity And Communication

COMMUNICATION is vital and is considered the very life in any relationship if it is to prosper. This is more so between clients and virtual assistants in the outsourcing business where transactions are done virtually.

3. Part Three


This course will explain all legal matters covered to becoming a VA. Mr Outsource University will teach you the taxes, insurance, benefits, contracts, terms and conditions to follow.


1. Part One

How a Client Think

Westerners think differently from us in the Philippines. That is a fact. After years of working with different foreigners, we finally created list of the common things westerners think of Filipinos and how they want to get things done.

2. Part Two

Daily Update

Communication is key. This course will teach you how to send a detail daily update to your client via email, phone, text, etc.

3. Part Three

One Email A Day

Your client will let you handle his emails at some point. You cannot just forward to him messages every time he has a new one. We will teach you how to effectively report all your client’s emails in one email.


1. Part One

Basic Accounting

We will teach you how to manage your clients accounting from his Credit card expenses to his personal expenses. We will also be teaching you how to manage and list all his business trip expenses accordingly.

2. Part Two

Research And List Building

Research is one of the common tasks delegated to the VA. From researching the best coffee shops in the city to getting the cheapest flight fare to the Bahamas, we will teach tips and techniques to get the best research results on the Internet.

3. Part Three

Adding Business Contacts

If there is one thing that your client collects besides opportunities, it is business cards. We will teach you the most effective way to list them all down efficiently and easy to find.


1. Part One

Article Marketing

We will teach you how to create an article that sells. From the basic article structures, keyword densities to SEO technicalities, we all got it covered in this course.

2. Part Two

Blog Management

We will teach you a blog content management system that will help you create, share, post, and edit blogs from different blogging and social networking sites credibly.

3. Part Three


Telemarketing is a task often delegated to VAs as well. A VA is responsible for customer support, technical support, or sales support. We will teach you professional etiquette, tips, tricks in sales, and more.

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